Our convertible boarding stairs feature a new type of Passerelle which converts to a staircase for boarding and alighting from your yacht.

The Hydraulic System uses multiple sensors to detect and allow the tilt and retraction of the staircase, enabling easy boarding. The staircase framework is made from 316 stainless steel and has an aluminium letterbox, protecting the staircase from corrosion and keeping the overall product as light as possible whilst still capable of holding a load weighing up to 130kg.


All movement is actuated by Phoenix Marine’s Hydraulic Cylinders. No pulleys or belts are used; all external cylinders are comprised of 316 stainless steel. The staircase framework and guards have a mirror polish finish, and the stairs are made from teak to add to the aesthetic value.


Integrated Bathing Platform Stairs


An innovative staircase that automatically extends for use when the bathing platform is lowered, and folding flat when the platform is returned to the upper resting position. The staircase is designed and constructed to work in unison with the platform, resulting in a smooth transition when extending and retracting. The step framework is made from mirror polished 316 stainless steel and finished with teak steps, blending in with the platform. For optimum safety, an automatic handrail works in conjunction with the steps — removing the requirement for drop in stanchions.

Staircase Extended
Platform Lowered


With in-house design, fabrication and testing facilities, we produce bespoke mechanical and hydraulic systems for a wide variety of shipbuilders and refit yards.

Photos courtesy of Sunseeker International and Oyster