Reliable cylinder-driven Passerelle, with remote monitoring.

Our range of Passerelles have been developed for today’s incredibly demanding operations, where reliability is the most important factor. Phoenix Marine’s models are entirely cylinder-driven and are wholly designed and manufactured in the UK, using the best of British engineering.


The range is the result of a comprehensive process of research, development and testing to engineer out all the typical issues that have historically been associated with such features. Our robust product has been designed with very few moving parts to ensure boat builders and owners receive a long and trouble-free service life, whilst maintaining the highest quality and superyacht finish.


Phoenix Marine’s in-house testing allows us to offer an unprecedented warranty package in the unlikely event that a client’s operation is hindered in any way. There is also a team at our UK facilities who will remotely monitor and optimise your Passerelle during operation.


As always, our products come with a full guarantee with our highly reputable aftersales service included.

Passerelle Extending
Passerelle Extending


With in-house design, fabrication and testing facilities, we produce bespoke mechanical and hydraulic systems for a wide variety of shipbuilders and refit yards.

Photos courtesy of Sunseeker International and Quintessence Yachts